Formed in 2019, OTHERIA is an Irish Metal band hailing from Belfast. Sired out of a mutual love and appreciation for the genre, Ryan Belshaw (lead guitar, vocals) and Jordan Mackin (lead vocals) made the decision to embark on their own symphonic metal project, welcoming Michał Bugajski (drums) onto the project a short while later. Enchanted by the haunting resonance of the bell sound they produced, this simple melodic line unexpectedly evolved into the band’s euphoric first single, The Phoenix Rising. Thus, OTHERIA came to be. The resulting sound is a muse of innovative drum work, mammoth rhythm guitars and soaring leads, coupled with lofty orchestration, Celtic elements and a melodious mix of male and female vocals. With the release of their first single, The Phoenix Rising in 2019, OTHERIA have emerged onto the scene seeking to encapsulate the intricacy of the human condition through their refined sound.